An Auto Expert. A Legal Expert.

There are no shortage of Attorneys in the world.  Similarly, there are no shortage of "gearheads" either.  However, how many people do you know that can appear in court one day and rebuild a transmission the next?  Attorney Zachary Smith is the rare combination of auto industry insider (he owns an independent service station and car lot), seasoned mechanic, and experienced attorney.  This gives him a unique ability to assist clients who need help with automotive related legal issues.  When choosing an attorney to help through your situation, don't you want the attorney on your side who knows the difference between a dipstick and distributor cap?

Vox Law can help with:

  • Lemon Law Claims
  • Repair Disputes
  • Odometer Fraud
  • Sales Disputes
  • Warranty Claims
  • Negligence and Fraud
  • Title Issues

how we help you:

We will discuss your situation in plain language and give you an honest, straightforward picture of your rights and options in the legal system.  If the dispute involves a mechanical aspect of a motor vehicle, our Columbus office is equipped with a full service facility including an auto hoist and diagnostic tools, so that we can get an idea of what exactly is at stake.  We have relationships with independent ASE certified mechanics who will confirm our findings and present critical evidence to win your case. We have fought for clients and achieved favorable results in such cases as contested lemon law buybacks, title transfer disputes, odometer fraud, and rip-off repairs.  

Most importantly, it is very difficult for a lawyer to fight for your rights when they have no background in the subject matter.  Attorney Zach Smith has industry experience from the mechanical, repair, sales, and titling aspect of motor vehicle transactions.  How many other attorneys do you know that have a hoist in their office? I wouldn't take advice about what cut of steak to eat from one of my vegetarian friends - you shouldn't take legal advice about cars from someone who does not understand the complexities of how they work firsthand.  

Give us a call or email to discuss your case.  An in depth phone consultation is always free and we are happy to talk shop any time!