Whether your decision to mediate was the result of a court order or you are looking for a lower-priced alternative to traditional litigation, VOX LAW’s mediation center is here for you.  With convenient conference room locations across the Twin Cities, mediation is the inexpensive, hassle-free alternative to "lawyering up" in the court room.  We make sure that our meditation sessions are productive, issue-focused and free from intimidation, legal jargon, or posturing.  Attorney Zachary Smith has been mediating family law disputes since 2008 and mediated disputes in the corporate world for many years prior to that.  He is trained in both traditional and transformative mediation methods and has a proven track record of helping people resolve their disputes in a productive, respectful way.

Focused exclusively on resolving family law disputes such as divorce, child custody or parenting time, VOX LAW mediators have the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively facilitate productive discussion, which often leads to settlement and avoids the expensive adversarial process. We truly believe that agreements reached during our mediation sessions are the best possible solution to a dispute — your solution.  Mediated solutions are not the result of a decision made by a judge, they are the result of the discussion of the parties closest to the dispute.  Wouldn't you rather be in control of decision making in your life as opposed to letting a stranger in a black robe dictate your life?