Let's be honest - there are no shortage of attorneys out there competing for your business.  And yes, despite the impassioned speeches in the 30 second commercials plastered all over the radio and TV promising to "get you what you deserve" or "fight for your rights", law firms are very much businesses that are looking to attract paying clients, the same as any other business.  Given the seemingly endless number of law firms out there ready and willing to sign you up on the dotted line, how do you know which to choose?  While we know that we are not the right choice for everyone (nobody is), we believe that we are an excellent fit for many people.  We have several unique qualities that set us apart from many of the other guys:

  • Convenience - For many years, we had a beautiful office in Northeast Minneapolis, but found that a lot of our clients do not like driving in the city.  We then moved to the suburbs and found that some of our clients didn't like leaving the city.  True to our mission of staying client-focused, we now have office meeting locations throughout the twin cities, both downtown and in the 'burbs.
  • Approachability - We skip on the large dollup of intimidation and formality that accompanies most dealings with lawyers.  When you meet with us, you won't experience a stuffed suit behind a fancy mahogany desk talking down to you with complicated legal jargon.  What you will experience is a comfortable office, cup of coffee, and an honest, straightforward, plain language conversation with a friendly person who just happens to be an expert in the law.  If you are looking for marble counter tops, Italian suits and office buildings with fountains in the entryway, we are probably not for you.  If you are looking to interact with an actual human being who will treat you like one as well, give us a call.
  • Expertise - Vox Law focuses on just two things:  Family law and Automotive law.  Unlike other firms, we don't dabble in wills, criminal defense or other areas of the law.  Attorney Zach Smith has handled hundreds of divorce and custody cases since 2008.  He has appeared before just about every judge and worked with just about every evaluator, mediator, and other professional in the twin cities family law community.  He has handled many simple uncontested cases, and many high conflict cases involving complicated financial or custody situations.  He has had cases against the most expensive downtown attorneys as well as newer lawyers just learning the ropes (both situations present their own unique challenges).  Further, Attorney Smith successfully has helped clients with automotive issues including contested ownership, title work, and even fought General Motors to force a buyback of one of the first known Chevy Cobalt ignition issues.    
  • Efficiency - Prior to becoming an attorney, Zach worked in the corporate world for many years, which taught him many lessons about efficiency - specifically, what not to do.  Like the large corporations that they are, many of the bigger firms spend enormous amounts of time and resources on things like mission statements, endless meetings, corporate retreats, and complex bureaucracy.  Guess who pays for all of that?  Instead of going that route, we focus on using technology to not only make our operation more economically efficient, but to also serve our clients better than the big guys ever could.  A perfect example of this shows up on the monthly bills sent out by the big guys - many clients see a fee as large as $200 to "open the client file", as well as weekly charges of up to $100 to "discuss the file status at the weekly firm meeting".  Neither of these activities is of any benefit to the client, and you won't see those charges on our invoices - besides, the process of opening one of our files is handled entirely electronically and takes about ten minutes.  We instead focus our time and energy on what matters on your case, and only perform work that will benefit you in the end.  After all, who wants to spend a days pay on making sure your file folders are color coded in accordance with the official firm policy?
  • Effectiveness - The most important aspect of any professional is the ability to get the job done at the end of the day.  We know that different situations call for different techniques to accomplish the desired result.  As such, depending on your case, you may need a skilled negotiator, fierce advocate, creative solution finder, or in most cases a combination of all three.  Attorney Zach Smith has the skill set and experience to know which tactic to use and when to use it to best serve each client.  

Give us a call or email to set up a free, friendly consultation to see if we are a good fit for you and to discuss your unique legal situation.